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• Key must be signed out by a head coach, assistant coach, or manager that is SafeSport Certified.  All youth hockey players are ineligible to sign out the rooms.  No players are allowed to enter the room unless a SafeSport Certified member Is present.
• Females are to use girls designated locker room when possible under the 2 person SafeSport Certified Guidelines. 
• Locker room keys will be signed out in exchange for set of Car Keys and SafeSport person showing MCYH photo ID badge.  
• Locker Room sign in sheet must be signed with contact information.
• Key must be returned to the Proshop after the room is completely empty, all tape balls/trash are picked up, and door is locked.  
• Before Car Keys are returned, Locker room will be inspected by staff and usually takes between 5-10 minutes.  Please plan accordingly.


• Absolutely no coaching staff, managers, or players are allowed on the ice surface while the Zamboni is completing its resurfacing.  
• Once the driver has completely cleaned the entrance way, and the both Zamboni doors are completely closed and latched, all team member may enter the ice area.
• Curfew clock isn’t started until the doors are closed.  
• 1st offense: 5 minutes will be removed from the curfew clock
• 2nd offense: 15 minutes will be removed from the curfew clock.
• 3rd offense: MCYH Board will be notified.  


• With less than one minute, please begin collection pucks and finishing up your drills.  
• Once the horn sounds, it’s our expectations that players will begin skating towards the doors and the ice is ready to be resurfaced.  Teams that wait until the horn sounds to start collecting pucks only delay later slots from beginning as scheduled.  Please be considerate to your fellow Eagle teams.  
• Please designate one member from your team to move the nets against the boards once the Zamboni has made its initial lap.  
• Also ensure that all bench, penalty box, scorekeepers box, and exit doors are properly closed and latched.  


• James Hoffmanjhoffman@scottsvilleicearena.com