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Relentless Strength and Conditioning

by posted 01/28/2020

Congratulations to MCYH Peewee Red Team Adam – Empire State Cup Champions!!!


The Peewee Red Team Adam brought home the Empire State Cup this weekend! The Championship game was against the Bedford Bears 12U travel team, with a 3-1 WIN for the Gold. Both teams were playing hard for the win. It was 1-1 till the 3rd period with a minute left and our team put in 2 goals. The team brought their skills this weekend showing their bond is strong! #relentlesstogether

by posted 01/21/2020

Champions!!! Our Squirt Minor Travel team came back from the Rock and Roll tournament with a 5-0 record and the GOLD! We started the weekend Saturday winning 4-0 against SHAHA and took another win against Wheatfield Blades in a 6-3 win.  Sunday we played a tough  early morning game against Columbus Flames and came back from a 1-3 deficit and won 6-4 sending us to the Championship game! We finished Sundays games with a 6-0 victory over the Cleveland Barons.  We played an amazing championship game Monday vs the Columbus Flames.  Both teams played their hearts out! Our team got the victory in the final minute of the game with a winning score of 3-2! It was a great moment for the kids and parents! They showed teamwork, resiliency and great sportsmanship throughout the weekend.  Go Eagles!!!! 


by posted 01/21/2020

Our Squirt Major #1 (Miller) team took home the championship at this weekend's Empire State Cup here in Rochester.  We went undefeated in round robin play with big wins against the Markham Waxers, Adirondack Thunder, Buffalo Saints and Perinton Youth Hockey.  We wrapped up the weekend with a hard fought, 3-2 OVERTIME win against the Adirondack Thunder Monday afternoon.  It was a great display of talent and teamwork!  Way to go Eagles!!!  

by posted 01/21/2020
SIHA January Newsletter

Dear Rochester Area Youth Hockey Players, Parents & Coaches,

Happy New Year From SIHA!

As we have now entered the New Year, The Sport International Hockey Academy has also started preparing for our 31st summer of hockey instruction. We are currently finalizing our 2020 staff to ensure that we will have an excellent instructional core, to work with our students this summer. Our main goal each year, is to offer every player a quality hockey education, combining an even mix of hard work and fun!

*NOTE: All of our camps offer a full day program, student drop-off is at 8:15 AM and pick-up is at 4:15 PM, which is designed to assist our working parents, during the summer months. We offer our program to students aged 6 - 17 yrs. (we do accept 5 year old hockey players, if they have fairly decent skating skills).

NEW FOR 2020

1. On-Ice Program: All new on-ice drills including; New Shooting Drills, New Puckhandling Drills & European Flow Drills as well as New Attack Triangle Drills & Tire Drills (using tires to enhance puck protection and tight turns with the puck).

SIHA On-Ice Program (Power Skating & Puckhandling) Video Clip: https://youtu.be/kQ9y9XdN8lk

2. Video Analysis: New Pro Videos, new cut-out comparisons along with our expert audio analysis and computer split screens. Clearly our best guarantee for a quality hockey education! You may purchase your Individualized take-home Flash Drive of your entire weekly video analysis ($20.00). The video files that will be recorded to your Flash Drive, will be MP4 files that may be easily transferred to your Laptop, Desktop Computer or TV and may be viewed on any Media Player. Please view a sample of our Video Analysis offer; https://youtu.be/tO4_KzK785I

3. Goalie Program: SIHA travels a Goalie Instructor to each of our summer locations. We will be offering new drills including; The Tip-Shot Save, Screen Shot Saves, Post To Post Drills, Passing Drills & Rebound Save Drills. We will also be offering new video analysis techniques, including Cut-Out Analysis and Split Screen Pro Comparisons. Our Goalie Program will include; Stance & Angles, The Pad Save, The Glove Save and The Break-Away Save. Please view a sample of our Goalie Video Analysis offer and a video clip of our Goalie Program;

Sample Goalie Video Analysis: https://youtu.be/cPhbswNFjGI

Sample Goalie Program Video Promotion: https://youtu.be/wkKzcEU5N-0

4. Off-Ice Shooting Program: We will be bringing back our I-Pad video analysis program, analyzing each student's off-ice shooting techniques on a daily basis. This will be a great way for each student to see their technique on video immediately, along with our instructor's feedback to correct the various shot executions, on the spot.

Russian Training: SIHA offers daily off-ice training which is specifically targeting the development of both hockey muscles and hockey skills in an off-ice environment. We conduct all of our exercises and drills with music to create rhythm, while increasing coordination and agility. We have recently designed a new Russian Training segment for this summer - All drills are designed to improve stickhandling quickness and hand -eye coordination.

SIHA Staff: We will will have many returning staff members returning for our 2020 Instructional Tour, coming from Ferris State University (Michigan), Florida State University, Dartmouth College and St. John Fisher College. Our staff members are all hand selected individuals and are terrific at working with young hockey players and seeing the student's development, through the course of our camps.

SIHA Off-Ice Promotional Video: https://youtu.be/QaxX-2fSLN0

Our SIHA web site http://siha.com has been updated and newly designed for 2020 and we are currently receiving applications for our summer program. Please feel free to review our website to see all of the smiling faces from our past camps.

We saw a record number of SIHA students last year, filling camps in most of our 2019 cities, and we expect another solid attendance this year due to the hard work of our Regional Directors, the support that we receive from our host rink and student/parent recommendations. We unfortunately had to turn away several students last year, due to our student/instructor ratio limitations. Don't be disappointed this year, please register early!

We are currently offering a 5% Early Bird Discount until March 15/2020 (single city choice) We are also offering a 10% Multiple Week Discount (2 or more SIHA weeks chosen)

You may register online for our 2020 camps, by clicking on the following link;

SIHA 2020 Summer Brochure (PDF):

SIHA Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SportInternationalHockeyAcademy


SIHA Regional Director: Jim Grizzanti

Camp Dates: August 10 - 14 (Lakeshore Hockey Arena)

Camp Price: $295.00 (Discounts Available)                 

SIHA Hotel Sponsor: Comfort Inn by Choice Hotels

We look forward to a great 31st year and bringing The Sport International Hockey Academy to your hockey community for another exciting instructional camp for players aged 6 - 17 yrs. (all students grouped by age and ability). If you should have any questions, please either call 1-800-724-6658 or e-mail us at info@siha.com. Thank you for your time and we wish you a Very Happy New Year and continued success with your current hockey season.

Very Sincerely,
 Bob Baldwin

by posted 01/20/2020
Travel Tryouts 2020-2021 Season

Monroe County Youth Hockey tryout dates for the 2020-2021 hockey season:

Squirt/Peewee Tryouts: Tuesday, March 24th -Thursday, March 26th

Bantam/Midget Tryouts: Monday, April 13th- Wednesday, April 15th

by posted 01/13/2020
MCYH IS ACCEPTING Coaching Applications

MCYH is now accepting Coaching applications for the 20-21 season. There is a deadline of February 2 for all Squirt, Peewee, Bantam and Midget applications to be submitted. Click the link below to complete application:

 Travel Coaching Application for 2020-2021 season


by posted 01/08/2020
Parent - Spectators Code of Conduct Reminder


Parents Code of Conduct:

• Do not force your children to participate in sports, but support their desires to play their chosen sport. Children are involved in organized sports for their enjoyment. Make it fun.
• Encourage your child to play by the rules. Remember, children learn best by example, so applaud the good plays of both teams.
• Do not embarrass your child by yelling at players, coaches or officials. By showing a positive attitude toward the game and all of its participants, your child will benefit.
• Emphasize skill development and practices and how they benefit your young athlete. De-emphasize games and competition in the lower age groups.
• Know and study the rules of the game, and support the officials on and off the ice. This approach will help in the development and support of the game. Any criticism of the officials only hurts the game.
• Applaud a good effort in both victory and defeat, and enforce the positive points of the game. Never yell at or physically abuse your child after a game or practice - it is destructive. Work toward removing the physical and verbal abuse in youth sports.
• Recognize the importance of volunteer coaches. They are important to the development of your child and the sport. Communicate with them and support them. If you enjoy the game, learn all you can about hockey - and volunteer.


Spectators Code of Conduct:

• Display good sportsmanship. Always respect players, coaches and officials.
• Act appropriately; do not taunt or disturb other fans; enjoy the game together.
• Cheer good plays of all participants; do not boo opponents.
• Cheer in a positive manner and encourage fair play; profanity and objectionable cheers or gestures are offensive.
• Help provide a safe and fun environment; throwing any items on the surface can cause injury to players and officials.
• Do not lean over or pound on the glass or fence; the glass and fence surrounding the surface if part of the playing area.
• Support the referees and coaches by trusting their judgment and integrity.
• Be responsible for your own safety - be alert to prevent accidents from flying pucks and other avoidable situations.
• Respect locker rooms as private areas for players, coaches and officials.
• Be supportive after the game - win or lose.
• Recognize good effort, teamwork and sportsmanship.

by posted 01/06/2020
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